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Rising to the Challenge
Bringing the Great Outdoors
to Disadvantaged Youth
by Anna Stubna

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This year's UBW child was twelve year old Jade Vickers from Elvaston, IL. Jade was escorted by her sister, Savannah (eleven), and her Grandmother, Kim Vickers. Jade and Savannah lost their mother in a horrific automobile accident when they were very young. Their father is no help since he has spent much of his adult life in Prison. The girl’s grandparents adopted them after their mom passed away.

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~ Giving Back ~

When I was in high school wrestling my coach, Glen Swenson, told me "Sometimes you have to give back to the sport you love so much." During the past twenty-five years of being a huntsman and a member of the Ruffed Grouse Society I have gained countless memories and friends. The words of my wrestling coach have been going through my mind wondering what I could do to give back. I want other people to share in the joy of friendships and memories that the Ruffed Grouse Society has to offer!

A few years ago while hunting with a friend, Joe Chandler, I ran an idea of bringing a disabled youth to the national hunt. Joe immediately thought it was a great idea. The following year I was hunting with another friend, Jim Hayett, I ran the same idea by him. He also thought it was a great idea. Between the three of us our wheels started spinning. We wanted my idea to become a reality.

Our first Under Broken Wings hunt was held during the 25th anniversary of the National Ruffed Grouse Hunt in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It was a huge success! To this day Under Broken Wings is a success because of all of the people that are willing to give back.


To give a child with a disability the chance to Grouse Hunt.

  • Enable one child (larger groups in the future) with disabilities the opportunity to participate a grouse hunt, through the guidance of a sponsor from the Broken Wings chapter.
  • Open this opportunity to all boys and girls 14 to 18 years old. As many of the members are male, our recommendation would be to host a young man as he may feel more comfortable in this setting. Until this great non-profit organization prospers, for the first few years we will look in our local area for this candidate.
  • Costs for this trip will be paid through donations generated by the sponsors (ie: meals, lodging, shells, hunting vest, hat, and license). If RGS or other sponsors wish to help defray some of these costs their assistance would be greatly appreciated. This should ultimately make the cost to the RGS very minimal if any.
  • As a small token for sponsoring this individual we would like to recommend that a RGS hat with a special Broken Wing logo be presented at the time of donation to the disabled child’s family and our sponsors.
  • This goal was achieved at the 25th National Grouse Hunt.


As RGS members we advocate respect and care for our natural resources. Through education of new members we strive to increase our vision for a healthy environment. By providing a person with disabilities the same opportunity to participate and learn about the environment we are developing this respect for nature in an untapped group of individuals.

Under Broken Wings
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